The Atlantic  |  Green Bank, WV

The Atlantic | Green Bank, WV

Life in Green Bank, West Virginia, is far from ordinary. The small town sits inside a "national radio quiet zone" that houses one of the largest radio telescopes in the world. To ensure that astronomers work without interference, residents cannot use any product that transmits wireless signals within a ten-mile radius of the telescope. In other words: no microwave ovens, no cell phones, and no Wi-Fi. "Just about anything that uses electricity could potentially cause interference to our telescopes," says Jonah Bauserman, a technician for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

The Atlantic  |  Pittsburgh, PA

The Atlantic | Pittsburgh, PA

Since 2000, the tech boom has attracted droves of young, educated people to Pittsburgh. Now, many newcomers consider the city to be a bikeable and walkable paradise. This short documentary considers how it became cyclist-friendly, as well as how those changes strengthened local communities. "Everybody has a negative connotation of this city," says one resident. "It's a different place than most people think it is."

The Atlantic  |  Columbus, OH

The Atlantic | Columbus, OH

Nearly a quarter of the homes in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio are vacant. In 2011, an arts group moved into an abandoned factory in the area to create 400 West Rich Street, a community that now leases space to woodworkers, performance artists, a coffee shop, painters, sculptors, and others.



This summer we collaborated with the good folks at Digitas LBi and The Ebeling Group on a series for Sony and their new Xperia phone.

Through the campaign we met a Chicago-based music preservationist, a world-class Canadian wakeboarder and a team of innovators that have developed new technologies to help cure eye disease.

Sony Xperia  |  Peek

Sony Xperia | Peek

The Peek Vision team use mobile technology and scientific testing to create an app that can help diagnose eye disease in the world's most remote locations. The durable and sleek design of Xperia Z3 lends itself perfectly to the task at hand.

Sony Xperia  |  Boardshare

Sony Xperia | Boardshare

With the help of his friends, a champion wakeboarder shares his greatest ride while recording with his waterproof Xperia Z3 and streaming every detail of the action.

Sony Xperia  |  PlayBack

Sony Xperia | PlayBack

A passionate audio archivist discovers a tape 47 years after the original recording and shares the music of yesterday in today’s incredible quality.

Mercedes-Benz  |  Linda Perhacs

Mercedes-Benz | Linda Perhacs

Our first collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, featuring the amazing Linda Perhacs: a 70 year old dental hygienist and psychedelic folk-rock musician that lives out in Topanga Canyon.

Swarovski  |  Parhelia

Swarovski | Parhelia

Asif Khan created an architectural experience for Swarovski Crystal Palace at Design Miami 2012.

Future of StoryTelling

Future of StoryTelling

Sriram Kosuri introduces the work he and his team at Harvard have completed encoding big data in strands of DNA.

Food & Wine  |  Lexus

Food & Wine | Lexus

An inside look at how world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià, chef and owner of elBulli, uses surprise ingredients to create fresh new ideas.

Swarovski  |  Motown

Swarovski | Motown

Swarovski crystal lights up the Broadway stage in the Tony nominated Motown: The Musical

Obama 2012 Campaign

Obama 2012 Campaign

Obama supporter Greg shares a birthday with the President—and his vision for the country.

VICE  |  The Creators Project

VICE | The Creators Project

We sat down with the Swedish pop singer Robyn and creative director Mary Fagot at Mary's home in L.A. as they discussed their collaborative process.

Wallpaper*  |  The High Line

Wallpaper* | The High Line

A short documentary, commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine on the High Line park in New York City.

New York Times  |  Streetscapes

New York Times | Streetscapes

Christopher Gray, architectural historian and columnist for the New York Times visits the Frick Collection and finds remnants of its former life as a home.

MoMA  |  Kandinsky

MoMA | Kandinsky

Helen Mirren speaks about her relationship with the Kandinsky paintings that are part of the permanent collection at MoMA.

Wallpaper*  |  City Short

Wallpaper* | City Short

Richard Christiansen of Chandelier Creative takes us on a design tour of New York for Wallpaper* Magazine.